57th Annual Management & Development Conference, Purdue University, Nov 11-14


Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, will play host to our 57th Management Development Conference from November 11–14.  This fall, we will offer both the Basic Course and the Advanced Level Course.  Please note that the Advanced Course is only offered every other year.  The Basic Course Level will include intensive study of management techniques. If you have “alumni” within your companies that have completed the Basic Course in the recent past, this may be the prime opportunity to send them to the more comprehensive Advanced Course.  

The courses are designed to help tank truck carrier personnel improve their management and communications skills.  Leading tank truck carriers send several of their promising managers to this conference every year.  Registration materials and additional course detail are available.

Topics for the Basic Leadership Class:

  • Opening Session – Orientation to Leadership
  • The Dynamics of Leadership
  • Effective Communications
  • Leadership Styles (Which one are you?)
  • Your Motivational Task and Role Managing Conflict, Counseling and Discipline
  • Building Effective and Winning Teams
  • An Attitude for Leadership
  • Experience the Fun & Fellowship of Interacting with Industry Peer Group

Some participants recently had this to say:

  • “Fantastic – it was ‘Real World’ and can take it to work on Monday and use these lessons!” Joe 

    Hutterer, Transport Service Co.

  • “How wonderful it was. I enjoyed the staff teaching us; it will help all of us to become better leaders.” Mary Mears, Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc.
  • “Overall, I’m glad my company sent me to the seminar. It makes me glad I chose their company as my career.” Dean Murphy, Miller Transporters, Inc.
  • “I really enjoyed the program. There were lots of ideas and theories in this course that I had heard before from my work experience, but this course and the professors brought new life to these ideas and theories. We all shared different ideas I have not been exposed to. An Awesome experience.” Chris Gordon, Transport Service Co.
  • I definitely benefited from this program and will employ these techniques while striving to excel in my current position.” Matthew Krom, C. White & Son, Inc.
  • “This program was an eye-opening experience. I’ve learned how to treat people with the skills to make me a leader and look like one too.” Mike Stevens, Eagle Transport Corp.

Registration remains at $625 for one attendee or $575 for two or more from the same company.