Mississippi Troopers & Truckers

Guys, As info. If you drive thru Jackson, MS you may just be under surveillance of the Troopers and Truckers program. Miller and other companies are working with the Mississippi Highway Patrol on their Trooper and Truckers program. Part of this was 6 days where we drove MHP motor carrier enforcement officers around the Jackson area in one of our trucks so they could catch aggressive drivers. One of the bad things for trucking was the number of truck drivers that were seen talking on cell phones. Most were stopped and written up and a few were ticketed.  

The picture below has been used in several bill boards in the Jackson area along the interstates I-55, I-20 and I-220. The people In the picture are from left to right and I don’t know all the officers, 2nd is Al Dear Director of Training with Miller, 3rd is Captain Scott Carnegie Chief Inspector, Motor Carrier Safety Division, 4th is Tony McCoy one of our drivers from Memphis, TN, 5th Motor Carrier Officer Hopkins, 6th is an Air Gas driver, 7th is Motor Carrier officer Willie Craft and on the end is another Air Gas driver.