National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 14 - 20

On behalf of the proud members of the NTTC, we extend our respect and gratitude to the many professional tank truck drivers that serve our unique industry. 

The tank truck industry plays a critical role in the North American economy and our segment’s performance is largely due to the professionalism of our driver corps.  Our industry has many important stakeholders, but none as mission-critical as our drivers.  Without the contributions of this essential group, our industry and the overall economy would come to a screeching halt.  The NTTC’s mission is to champion safety and success in the tank truck community and the people we serve.  Our membership simply cannot achieve that mission without serving our drivers as a priority.  These professionals are the face of the industry whose commitment to safety is paramount to the success of our carriers, our customers, and the many people with whom we share the road each day.

A perfect example of the caliber of our drivers is James Starr of Groendyke Transport, the first recipient of the NTTC’s Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year award.  A 42-year trucking veteran, Mr. Starr accepted the grand champion’s award graciously on stage amid seven other extremely qualified and experienced champions whose collective accident-free miles totaled in excess of 25,000,000 miles over a cumulative 297 years behind the wheel.  Our grand champion alone drove an astonishing 3.5+ million accident-free miles during his 29-year career hauling chemicals and petroleum for Groendyke.  

Driver Appreciation Week allows us to appropriately extend our most sincere thanks to all of our professional tank truck drivers for their tireless commitment to safety and service.  Know that you have the respect and admiration of the entire tank truck community this week and every week throughout the year.