REGULATIONS UPDATE – Periodically the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) releases its list of significant rulemakings.  The NTTC wants to make you aware of the following updates that impact your business:


  • Cargo Tank Loading and Unloading – This Proposed Rule has been moved to “Undetermined” status.   
  • Adoption by Reference – This is an ANPRM which would be very harmful to cargo tank industry and we are fighting at every level.  This Proposed Rule was not listed which is positive.
  • Wetlines – Status continues to be listed as “Undetermined” per Congressional action.
  • Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse – This Proposed Rule is now planned for June 2013 (was April 2013).
  • Mandatory Truck Speed Limiters – This Proposed Rule is still planned for May 2013.
  • Electronic Logging Devices (EOBRs) – This Supplemental Proposed Rule is now planned for September 2013 (was July 2013).
  • Safety Fitness (CSA Safety Ratings) – This Proposed Rule is now planned for January 2014 (was November 2013).