NTTC provides a variety of resources to help you to stay at the cutting edge of the tank truck industry. Whether you're looking to stay informed about regulatory changes, tank truck maintenance or the economic forces at play in the industry, we have a publication for you. For refunds, consult NTTC's Refund Policy.

Picture of the productNTTC Bulk Hazmat Compliance Guide - 54th Edition 2019
Within the United States, "hazardous materials" are defined and regulated by the Department of Transportation. The requirements for safe, secure transportation and handling of hazardous materials are found in Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, usually referred to as 49 CFR.
Select regulatory texts from 49 CFR and 40 CFR are provided in this guide. Following the regulatory text is a section that explains how to use the regulations and provides examples to help clarify the application of the requirements.

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BHCG - 2019
Picture of the productTank Truck Market Analysis
The Tank Truck Market Analysis represents the most comprehensive and current study of tonnage, revenue, and fleet size for the unique tank truck segment. The 2019 edition covers results and growth with forecasts for changes 2023 and 2028 in addition to restating the previous report’s data, incorporating updated or newly available information.

The Tank Truck Industry Market Analysis is the only research that systemically measures the tank truck segment by leveraging information from the U.S. Census Bureau, an advisory committee of NTTC members, and proprietary in-house databases to model the segment’s tonnage, revenue, and tractor capacity. In addition to providing data on the for-hire and private segments of the tank truck sector, this report breaks down the data across twelve different commodity groups.

NTTC thanks Bob Costello of the American Trucking Associations and our carriers who volunteered time and information to make this study a reality.

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Picture of the productCargo Tank Maintenance Manual
The Cargo Tank Maintenance Manual contains the most up-to-date maintenance information that carriers and facilities that inspect, maintain, test, and/or repair cargo tanks require to run a safe operation. The manual contains separate sections for all U.S. DOT Specification Cargo Tanks, plus sections for fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) trailers and portable tanks. Each section contains “How To” procedures, detailed graphics, and printable recommended reports to ease record-keeping and aid your personnel with compliance.

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