Indiana Declares HoS Relief for Propane Haulers

Last week, Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales issued Executive Order 23-07 due to Indiana’s corn harvest being later in the year, requiring a higher than usual need for propane fueled drying operations. Given the combination of driver shortages, long lines at terminals, and the current demand exceeding local supply, Indiana Governor Holcomb has suspended hours of service requirements to help ensure adequate supplies of propane are available throughout the state.

As a result of the executive order, motor carriers and drivers who transport propane in the State of Indiana during this emergency are to be exempt from regulations which restrict their hours of service under 49 CFR § 395, incorporated by reference into Indiana Code § 8-2.1-24-18. The exemption will be effective until December 4th, 2023, unless terminated or extended by the Governor. Additional rules and restrictions apply, and this relief cannot be exercised on federal interstates.

NTTC staff will continue to monitor this emergency declaration, and will announce developments when available.