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                    2022-2023 NTTC Executive Committee

 Chairman of the Board 

Randy Clifford, Ventura Transfer Company

 Executive Committee Chair 

 Rob Sandlin, Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc.

 First Vice-Chair

 Herb Evans, Eagle Transport Corporation


 Michael Salz, Linden Bulk Transportation


 J. Ward Best, Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corp.


 David Price, United Petroleum Transports








 Matt Faure, Trimac Transportation Services Inc.

 Nominating Committee Chair

 Kevin Jackson, Liquid Cargo Group, Inc.

 Audit Committee Chair

 Harold Sumerford, Jr., J & M Tank Lines

 Advocacy Committee Chair

 John Whittington, Grammer Logistics, Inc.

 Young Executive Committee Chair  

 Marshall Franklin, Highway Transport Chemical

 NTTC President and CEO

 Ryan Streblow, National Tank Truck Carriers



                                 2022-2023 NTTC Board of Directors

Michael Anderson, M.C. Tank Transport, Inc.
J. Ward Best, Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corp.
Randy Clifford, Ventura Transfer Company
Lance Collette, Eagle Transport
Patrick Cozzens, Modern Transportation
Reggie Dupré, Dupré Logistics
Herb Evans, Eagle Transport Corp.
Steve Ewell, H.R. Ewell
Mathieu Faure, Trimac Transportation
Marshall Franklin, Highway Transport Chem.    Dave Gatti, TFI
Bailey Glendenning Stark, Glendenning Brothers
Robert Heniff, Heniff Transportation Systems
Brian Hitchcock, MBH Trucking
Greg Hodgen, Groendyke Transport
Jason Howe, Schneider Bulk Carriers
Kevin Jackson, Liquid Cargo
Dean Kaplan, K-Limited Carrier, Ltd.
Garrett Knollman, Transmark
Keith Lewis, Dana – Liquid Transport Corp.
Jeremy Mairs, Cox Petroleum Transport
Bill Marchbank, Trimac Transportation
Sean McAllister, Carbon Express
Grant Mitchell, Kenan Advantage Group
Dennis Nash, Kenan Advantage Group
David Price, United Petroleum Transport
Greg Price, United Petroleum Transport
Steve Rush, Carbon Express
Rob Sandlin, Florida Rock & Tank Lines
Michael Salz, Linden Bulk Transportation
Hans Schaupp, LCL Bulk Transport
Mark Short, Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corp.
Ryan Streblow, National Tank Truck Carriers
Randy Strutz, Quality Carriers
Harold Sumerford, Jr., J&M Tank Lines
Peter Sumerford, J&M Tank Lines
Bill Usher, Jr., Usher Transport
Patrick Usher, Usher Transport
Ryan Usher, Usher Transport
John Whittington, Grammer Logistics
Brian Wood, TransWood