Are For-hire tank truck carrier member companies whose primary revenue derives from delivering products for others. Carrier members have full voting rights and governance privileges.



Are industry suppliers who provide various product and service solutions to tank truck operations. Associate members do have voting rights or governance privileges.



Are private fleet operators, jobbers, and distributor companies whose primary revenue does not derive from delivering products for other companies. Fleet members do not have voting rights or governance privileges.

What members have to say about NTTC

“The organization that NTTC brings to the tank truck industry affords all its members the opportunity to learn, share best practices, forge relationships across the industry and shape the landscape of the tank truck industry. From the largest companies in the industry to the smallest family-owned operation, NTTC gives all its members a voice and a way to contribute to the success of our essential industry.”

 Greg Hodgen, President, Groendyke Transport

 “As a Safety Professional, being a member of NTTC has been invaluable to me. Whether addressing industry issues, sharing best practices, or gaining industry knowledge, NTTC events brings the greatest leaders in our industry together. If you aren’t currently a member actively involved in the association, you need to be."

 Candi Coate, Corporate Safety, Highway Transport Logistics, Inc.

 "Cummins Inc. is a proud member of NTTC. We’ve been fortunate enough to attend many of their conventions over the last 13 years, bringing me the opportunity to connect with the right people in the industry. This has been critical for us and our success. This association brings real value to us through connection, education and networking. They ensure they advocate on key issues for the tank truck industry, work hard to provide us with resources and bring timely topics to their meetings."

 Cummins Inc.

 “NTTC has been a valuable asset to our company and the industry.  Whether working on our advocacy in Washington D.C., assisting with our safety and operational education or simply helping us to navigate the various agencies that provide oversight for our industry, NTTC provides a valuable resource that is easily attained.”

 Rob Sandlin, President & CEO, Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc.