NTTC PAC’s mission is to support candidates for Congress who understand the issues that impact our industry. 

All funds raised by NTTC PAC go toward funding the campaigns of federal candidates. 

NTTC PAC is bipartisan and determines candidates’ eligibility to receive PAC funds based on their past voting record and support of issues important to the for-hire tank truck industry.

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What is a PAC?

Under federal law, corporations are prohibited from using general treasury funds to make contributions in connection with federal elections. However, trade association PACs (Political Action Committees), such as NTTC PAC, allow a corporation’s employees the opportunity to legally and ethically participate in federal election activities.  NTTC PAC is permitted to solicit contributions from a select group of its member company employees, but only after the member companies provide NTTC PAC prior approval to do so.

Who can NTTC PAC solicit?

Federal law only allows NTTC PAC to solicit contributions from the management and executive personnel of NTTC member companies. Prior to soliciting within member companies, NTTC PAC must receive a signed authorization form from the company’s primary contact. Only the company’s primary contact may grant authorization for eligible employees within the company to participate and may provide such authorization to only one trade association per calendar year. Note that an individual can still contribute to more than one federal PAC, but can authorize only one for solicitation of employees. PACs may receive up to $5,000 from an individual per year, and a PAC is limited to giving $5,000 to a candidate election.

How does NTTC PAC pick the candidates to support?

NTTC PAC follows a list of criteria in determining the best candidates to support. Such factors may include the candidates’ committee assignment, their views on legislation of importance to the tank truck industry, or if they owned or once were employed by a trucking company.


We accept online donations via PayPal. Donors must be U.S. citizens and funds must be from a personal account. Please see the FEC regulations for more information.

You may also download and fill the forms below and either email them to [email protected] or mail them to:

4300 Wilson Blvd
Suite 520
Arlington, VA, 22203


NTTC PAC Contribution Form
(Adobe PDF File)