The National Tank Truck Carriers’ Professional Driver of the Year program is a distinguished recognition within the tank truck industry, spotlighting drivers with exceptional driving skills, a strong commitment to safety, and a history of community service. Each year, the program carefully selects eight finalists, each representing industry standards, competing for the coveted title. The Grand Champion, emerging from this elite group, not only symbolizes personal achievement but becomes the ambassador for the National Tank Truck Carriers, contributing to the broader advancement of safety and education within the industry.

In this pivotal role, the Grand Champion represents NTTC at safety-focused events throughout the year, engaging with industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and peers to promote a culture of safety excellence. Beyond the professional sphere, the awardee plays a crucial role in communicating NTTC's mission to the wider public, serving as a conduit for educating audiences about the vital contributions of tank truck drivers. Through outreach initiatives, public engagements, and advocacy efforts, the Grand Champion acts as a catalyst for positive change, reshaping perceptions and enhancing the understanding of the tank truck industry while reinforcing NTTC's commitment to safety and education.

Read about his year's finalists below! The Grand Champion will be announced at this year's NTTC Annual Conference in Las Vegas, May 4-7.