This esteemed award recognizes tank truck operations in North America with the best safety program and record for the year. Part of our mission is to champion safety and success in the tank truck industry, and this award recognizes the gold standard.

The Competitive Safety Contest is for all for-hire tank truck carrier members and tank truck private fleet members of NTTC and in good standing with the association. Carriers and private fleets compete in mileage class categories of relative size. The Competitive Safety Contest portion is conducted in two rounds to determine the safest tank truck for-hire carrier or tank truck private fleet. In round one, three awards, Grand, Honor, and Merit will recognize each for-hire carrier and private fleet in their respective mileage class. Round two will determine the North American Champion in three divisions; the Harvison Division (over 15 million miles), the Sutherland Division (under 15 million miles), and the Private Fleet Division. Each Division's Grand Champions were announced at NTTC's Annual Conference 2024 in Las Vegas (May 4-7, 2024). Congratulations Grand Champions!


Distinguished Recognition: The Heil Trophy and the North American Safety Contest represents the apex of safety acknowledgment, showcasing a company's commitment to safety excellence.

Industry Leadership:
Attainment of this award positions the recipient as a leading figure, establishing the benchmark for safety standards within the tank truck sector.

Cultural Emblem:
Winning the Heil Trophy reflects a company's dedicated efforts in fostering a safety-centric culture, resonating positively with stakeholders, clients, and partners.

Enhanced Credibility:
Achieving this accolade elevates a company's visibility and credibility, affirming its position as a safety pioneer and fostering trust within the industry.

Data-Driven Advocacy: Leveraging the data collected for the award allows our association to advocate effectively, wielding statistics as influential tools in shaping legislative decisions and policies in Washington D.C.

North American Safety Contest 2023 Award Timeline

January 2, 2024 – Round 1 Open
February 14, 2024 – Round 1 Application Deadline
February 28, 2024 – Round 1 Audits Complete
March 6, 2024 – Round 1 Winners Announced
March 7, 2024 – Round 2 Open
March 18, 2024 – Round 2 Application Deadline
March 19, 2024 – Round 2 Judging Begins
April 5, 2024 – Round 2 Judging Complete
May 4-7, 2024 – NTTC Annual Conference


2023 North American Safety Contest - Grand Champions

Harvison Division - Groendyke Transport

Sutherland Division - G&D Trucking / Hoffman Transportation

Private Fleet Division - Gemini Motor Transport

2023 North American Safety Contest - Grand Award Winners

For-Hire Carriers

Trimac Transportation – Class 1

Groendyke Transport, Inc. – Class 2
Western Dairy Transport – Class 3
Slay Transportation Co. – Class 4
Service Transport Company – Class 5
G&D Trucking Inc. / Hoffman Transportation Inc. – Class 6
Reed Hurst Trucking, Inc. – Class 7
Alaska West Express, Inc. – Class 8
Ee-Jay Motor Transports, Inc. – Class 9
MBH Trucking LLC – Class 9
Ventura Transfer Company – Class 10

Private Fleet

Gemini Motor Transport – Class 1
CLI Transport – Class 2
Irving Oil Ltd. – Class 3
Poolsure – Class 4
Chevron Phillips Chemical – Class 5
Cato, Inc. – Class 5

2023 North American Safety Contest - Honor Award Winners

For-Hire Carriers

Quality Carriers – Class 1

Oakley Transport Inc. – Class 2
Genox Transportation – Class 3
Bulkmatic LLC – Class 4
Tandet Group – Class 5
Crossett Inc. – Class 6
MC Tank Transport – Class 7
Wynne Transport Service, Inc. – Class 8
LCL Bulk Transport – Class 9
Hagen Johnson Trucking – Class 10

Private Fleet

Pilot Flying J – Class 1
ADM Trucking – Class 2
Casey’s Services Company – Class 3
LSP Transport – Class 4

2023 North American Safety Contest - Merit Award Winners

For-Hire Carriers

Heniff Transportation Systems, LLC – Class 1

TransWood, Inc. – Class 2
Andrews Logistics Texas LP – Class 3
Dupre Logistics – Class 4
Custom Commodities Transport – Class 5
Associated Petroleum Carriers, Inc. – Class 6
HazMat Environmental Group, Inc. – Class 7
All Chemical Transport Corp. – Class 8
Iowa Tanklines, Inc. – Class 9
Chemical South Transport, Inc. – Class 10

Private Fleet

SWTO – Class 3