Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Zero Distractions aims to end distracted driving for all. We want to educate all drivers, future drivers, and passengers on the importance of staying active and safe while on the road. The goals of the campaign are to build awareness for distracted driving while changing driver and passenger behavior through pledges to have zero distractions while driving, campaign ambassadors, and partner organizations. Because when you drive distracted, we are all impacted!

Distracted driving is a deadly crisis, for this reason April is dedicated to educating people on ways to recognize and eliminate preventable deaths from distracted driving. According to the National Highway Safety Administration more than 65,000 people are killed in car crashes every two years, one in ten involved a distracted driver. Thankfully, there is a solution to this epidemic, behavioral change. When each of us chooses to stop the behaviors that lead to distracted driving, we get on step closer to ending this crisis. Knowing that there is a solution, NTTC strives to help others learn and change. 

The Tank Truck Industry knows the road. Our drivers are on them every day. We see the best and worst drivers out there. The goal of our members and their drivers has always been safety first, business second. Depending on the product, our business can be dangerous, and the risks are high. We need to be correct 100% of the time and because of that we are known for being incredibly safe. Most safety improvements in transportation originate in trucking. We collaborate with manufacturers, shippers, and chemical companies to ensure safety throughout the entire process. Now we want to collaborate with you. Join us and help makes the roads safer for everyone - truck drivers, commuters, passengers, and pedestrians.

Zero Distractions was founded in 2018 through the dedication of Todd Stine, NTTC's 2016-2017 Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year, along with NTTC's Staff and Safety & Security Council. The goal: to build awareness for distracted driving while changing driver and passenger behavior through pledges to have zero distractions while driving. The campaign would reach out to concerned citizens, safety ambassadors, and partner campaigns and organizations to spread the work about Zero Distractions.

A truck driver's office is the highway, so our industry has a vested interest in eliminating distracted driving. Federal laws already prohibit truck drivers from texting while driving, and most companies will terminate employees who are caught in violation of this regulation. The trucking world knows the dangers on the road, and we've taken steps to fight against them. But NTTC doesn't think that's enough. We want to end ALL distracted driving.

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As an attentive and safe passenger-car driver, I pledge to:


  • Before driving I will limit all potential distractions including putting electronic devices away, setting up GPS directions before leaving the drive way, and refraining from multitasking. 
  • I will not take these distractions back out until I am safely pulled over and parked.



  • When I’m driving, I will not participate in any distracting activities. This includes no texting, surfing the Internet, putting on makeup, watching a video, gaming, posting on social media, or taking photos or videos while I’m behind the wheel.
  • When I’m driving, I pledge to do so attentively: keeping my eyes on the road, vehicle gauges, mirrors, and other vehicles. If I can’t, I pledge to pull over and stop the vehicle until I can.



  • When I know they are driving, I will not call or text other people. 
  • I will encourage others to not accept calls or respond to texts when driving unless they are using hands-free options or until they are safely pulled over with their vehicle in park. 
  • I will invite other people to join me in standing alongside me in NTTC’s Zero Distractions Campaign.


  • Tell your friends and family about Zero Distractions
  • Share the pledge on social media
  • Contact your state and local representatives


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